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Tips on How to Take Care of Your Clothes

* Always Re-Hang your clothes back on the hanger after wearing..
The reason for re-hanging after wear is to store for later use to minimize the wrinkling and keep the shape.

* Always clean lighter garments sets together.....
Some lighter garments have slight change of fade in color, shade and brightness (sometimes it just
happens in cleaning) so the matching pieces will be same.

* What do I do with stains ....
There are many "experts" are out there from club soda, salt , water, napkins (including paper), white wine,
red wine, vinegar, spray and so on.
These home remedies do work, BUT it only works if the stain is on plastic garments...
The professionals cleaners use wide range of chemicals that are Acid and Alkali to work with stains so that the fabric, colors and patters are not damaged...
Here are the Rule of thumb...

  • Gently Remove any stain particles with cloth napkins
  • Gently dab on the stain with plain water with cloth napkins (Do not Rub)
  • Either air dry or bring the item to the cleaner
  • If the item is home washable the go ahead with cleaning and follow manufactures instructions.
  • If the item is dryclean only, bring the item to your cleaner





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