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Care System

Natures Best Garment Care System is a process which I have developed from the experience of operating a production process of cleaning garment for the past twenty years.

1. Tagging and Check-in Garments for cleaningour care system

2. Sorting for garments types and colors. We sort by the garments types (wools, silks, linens..etc)and for color prior to cleaning to ensure same types of garments are cleaned together in a batch. Other cleaners just sort for colors.

3. Pre-spotting treatment for stains
This is the most important step in stain removal, our stain removal process removes the stains prior to cleaning process.

4. Clean in small batches our unique system clean only in 10-25 lbs increments to ensure quality, thorough cleaning and to minimize garments wear. where other cleaners clean anywhere between 35lbs and more.

5. Drying procedure
Our process ensures that drying at warn temperatures for about 3-10 minutes to ensure minimal shrinkage effect and wear and tear of garments. Other cleaners temperature as high as 160 F and drying time of 35 min. or longer. Another Huge advantage of lower temperatures drying is It does not set any unforeseen stains, therefore much easier to remove after cleaning.

drying process6. Post spotting and minor repairs Replacing buttons and minor repairs are complimentary and are part of Natures Best Garment Care System. Remove any other stains.

7. Pressing garments and inspection

8. Final Finishing touches

9. Package garments for pick up

10. Now You have thoroughly CLEANED garments that are Softer Feel, Smell Fresh, Whiter Whites, and Good For all of us so You Look and Feel Your Best.





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